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Natural Path Weight Loss Solutions is your premier nutrition-based Weight Loss Program! Our goal is to help you reach your desired weight loss goal while helping your body to heal naturally. With the assistance of your highly trained Health Coach you will  understand your body's nutrition needs and practice the habits that will have you dropping pounds to get you to your ideal weight. Not only will you cleanse your body to heal on this program, but you will be forming new habits to help you keep the weight off for the rest of your life!

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Natural Path Consultation

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"I couldn't have had a better Coach than Karisa. She is knowledgeable about foods and exercises, what works and what doesn't. She is very encouraging and offers solutions or alternatives when I hit a snag (such as a dislike of certain foods). She is friendly and willing to listen to me vent about my job and other things while keeping me on track. As wonderful as all of the above is, the one thing that is the most important characteristic about Karisa is that she is not judgmental. Never once in all the times I was struggling with foods, timing, exercises, etc. did she demean me or make me feel like I was not worth her time and effort. As a person, she is wonderful, but as a coach, Karisa is OUTSTANDING!"

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